Baby of the 12th Gen series, the Celeron G6900 can match the i9 10900K in single-threaded performance

Since testers sometimes forget that Geekbench uploads scores to the leaderboard, it’s always worth searching Geekbench for leaks of new or upcoming hardware. The just-introduced Intel Celeron G6900 is the babe of the 12th Gen series, but the Golden Cove P cores offer these improvements, and this little CPU is able to match the mighty Core i9 10900K in single-threaded performance, albeit with a few tweaks.

The Celeron G6900 is a dual-core processor with only two threads, a 3.4GHz clock, 4MB L3 cache, and a 46W TDP. It’s an absolute bargain for its specs and price, at just $59 (£55, $109). Some would argue that a CPU with two threads shouldn’t exist in 2021, and we mostly agree, but then again, it’s under $60, which is hard to argue with.