Back 4 Blood, Destiny 2: Beyond Light for PC and more will be released in Xbox Game Pass

A new set of games is coming Xbox Game Pass From this week

Things start today Completely accurate battle simulator Suitable for cloud, console and PC. In the game, you are the leader of the swinger from “Ancient Land, Gloomy Land, and Fantasy World”. They will fight in a simulation made with an interesting physics system, and you can make your own wobbler in the unit creator. Or, you can have your swinger fight other people in a multiplayer game.

October 7 release Procession to Calvary Suitable for cloud, console and PC. This Python-style adventure game allows you to travel through a world made up of Renaissance paintings. As the unnamed heroine of the game, you will hunt down the tyrant Peter from heaven. Looking forward to a game full of funny characters, puzzles and various scenarios.

the same day, Face It involves cloud, console and PC. This first-person psychological horror game allows you to explore a constantly changing mysterious house in a slow-paced and atmospheric world.

Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock Studios will release 4 blood back On various systems on October 7th, as well as Xbox Game Pass. It will be available on the cloud, console and PC date and date. In FPS, you will participate in a four-player cooperative narrative campaign, and/or participate in a competitive multiplayer game as a human or rider. Looking forward to the frenetic gameplay that will keep you in action.

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light Log in to PC via Game Pass pass on October 12, and Ring of Pain Landed on cloud, host and PC on October 14th.

The latter is a card crawler similar to roguelike, where you will encounter things you encounter, and every step you take can be a dangerous thing. A decision must also be made: Are you going to grab the spoils or “backstab the creepy horror”? There will also be people with gifts and treasures. You need to choose your equipment wisely to survive in the rider and uncover the secrets of the game.

Will also arrive in the cloud, console and PC on October 14 Rift destroyer This is the first day of the release of Game Pass. In it, you are an elite scientist/commando in an advanced mech suit. You will enter a one-way portal to a distant planet, with the purpose of establishing a base to return to Earth and colonize further. Build your base, collect samples and research new inventions to survive.

Sweeney’s beautiful life The date and date of cloud, console and PC services will also be released on October 15. As a photojournalist Naomi Hayward, your most recent job is to try to unravel the mystery of a small British town named Rainy Woods. Here, people become dogs and cats at night, and Naomi needs to find out the reason and solve the mystery of a recent murder.

The new game means that some people will withdraw from the service. You must play the following games before October 15th:

  • Gonner2 (cloud, console and PC)
  • Heave Ho (PC)
  • Katana Zero (cloud, console and PC)
  • Natural disaster messenger (cloud, host and PC)
  • The story of Vesperia HD (Console and PC)
  • Ditto Sword (PC)