Back 4 Blood gets a single player game, offline upgrade next month, new expansion in 2022

Cooperative Zombie Shooting Game 4 blood back It may be full of the horror of undead, but there are more lives here Turtle rock-Game developed.

If you are one of more than 6 million people who have played Back 4 Blood since the release of Back 4 Blood, you will be happy to know that Warner Bros. and Turtle Rock have announced massive post-launch support for popular multiplayer games title.

First, let’s look at the short term: this month the game will get a patch with bug fixes and unnamed quality of life improvements.

exist Major update in December, The developer promised to provide a set of fixes for the game, as well as some new content, to keep you away from the gathered zombie army.

You can expect:

  • New supply lines, new riding practice areas, and holiday seasonal activities
  • Introduce single player offline mode with campaign progress
  • A new card type
  • Brand new card

This is good news for those who are annoyed by the way the game disables progress in a single player game. Turtle Rock promises to resolve these complaints, here we are!

Then, in 2022, there will be more content: we will get new difficulty levels, more player cards, more corrupt cards, another cooperative mode, updates to melee weapons, and games that should have The more comprehensive update makes it easier to play.

All of this — and everything coming in 2021 — is completely free for anyone who owns the game (or plays the game via Xbox Game Pass, for example).

If you purchase the Back 4 Blood annual pass-it returns you $40/£35-when it landed sometime in 2022, you can still play Terror Tunnel. This new expansion will bring you new cleaners and horseback riding, new activity types, new cards, exclusive cards that can only be used with expansion packs, and new weapons.

Given that the developers have made DLC available to everyone, even if only party leaders own it, many people will experience the content provided in the expansion when it launches-it is almost certain that the game will maintain its popularity in 2022.

There are two expansion plans for the game, but none of them are explained in detail at the time of writing. Their goal is to release in 2022.

If you are still obsessed with cleaning up Ridden, you may want to check out our Back 4 Blood tips, where we discuss how to unlock the door of Prepper Stash, share ammunition, farm supply points, heal wounds, and more.