Back 4 Blood is coming to the Xbox Game Pass at launch, revealing new PvP modes

Fans killed by Left 4 Dead or good old zombies with friends receive new treatment Back 4 Blood trailer. The main attraction of the game is to team up to fight zombies, but the trailer reveals that you can also fight other humans in the new PvP mode.

This mode, called swarm, places a human player against a horde of human-controlled zombies. The trailer doesn’t provide specific details, but it does indicate that a player-controlled zombie is controlling an enemy player. Of course, this video also lets excited fans see again the different ways to dismantle zombies with friends.

Back 4 Blood comes from the creator of Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios, and the spirit behind the Left 4 Dead series. The game acts as a spiritual follow-up to Left 4 Dead, where a team of four reaps a horde of undead humans infected with a parasite called Devil Worm. In this episode, you can see several GI editors survive the danger. Today’s new gameplay..

Back 4 Blood will be a hit on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 12th. The trailer concludes with the news that Back 4 Blood will also start its first day on the Xbox Game Pass. Pre-orderers will have access to the open beta starting August 5th.

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What do you think of this new look for Back 4 Blood? Are you excited about the new swarm mode? Please let us know in the comments.