Back 4 Blood players are annoyed by the lack of single player progress

Turtle Rock is discussing how to solve the lack of progress Return 4 Blood’s Single player mode.

As Note on reddit, Players who are the first to experience the game have noticed that when playing a robot’s single-player game, they cannot get rewards unless they play online with at least one other player. In other words, single player mode players will not get replenishment points, these replenishment points can be spent on cards, which is a main feature of the game.

On the contrary, when playing the game in this mode, the single player must use the single player deck, which is a separate system. Single player games will not earn player achievements or trophies, and will not track statistics.

Basically, if players want the above features, they need to play with others online, because the core of the game is a multiplayer game.

However, Turtle Rock is working on changing things, as it pointed out in a recent tweet:

The game is currently not open to the public because it will not be released until October 12. Those who are currently playing have purchased the Ultimate or Deluxe versions, which will be available in Early Access starting on October 7th.

If you want to know whether to choose this game, Tom seems to be impressed with it so far, calling it one of the “feeling best” first-person shooters on the console he has played in years.