Back 4 Blood’s Tunnels of Terror DLC brings new co-op mode, more challenging Ridden and new cleaners

Today, Turtle Rock and Warner Bros. introduce us to the first add-on return 4 blood. Dubbing horror tunnelthis DLC marks the first major content drop for the zombie shooter since its launch last year.

Tunnel of Horror will be available on all platforms on Tuesday, April 12th. The expansion will be available as part of the Ultimate and Deluxe editions of the game. It’s also included with the annual pass and can be purchased separately.

As previously announced, only one person in the party needs to own the DLC in order for the others to access its playable content – though that doesn’t include skins and such.

Tunnels of Terror is a massive expansion pack that brings two new cleaners (characters) to the game and introduces three new variants of Ridden (special zombies). Sharice is a former firefighter equipped with an axe and some supporting passives such as armor plate bonuses, wound resistance, and team health boosts.

Heng is another cleaner. He also uses a melee weapon – a chef’s knife – and he has the ability to see gear through walls, sense hive entrances, and allow his team to reuse accessories.

The biggest addition, however, is Ridden Hives: a new co-op campaign that sends cleaners into a maze of underground tunnels. There, you’ll face new Ridden variants, tense hallway battles, and platform challenges—all for rare rewards.

Back 4 Blood will also receive a free update to coincide with the same-day expansion release. The highlight of this level is the No Hope difficulty, which is a very challenging level for players who want to build their muscles.

We are big fans of Back 4 Blood. Tom was particularly impressed with its controllability on consoles, and after spending more time with it, I started using its card system.

In our Back 4 Blood review, we awarded it 4/5 stars for its careful blend of old-fashioned charm and modern features.