Baldur’s Gate 3 updated and overhauled the visual effects, added magician classes and new exploration areas

The sixth major update Baldur’s Gate 3 Larian has already elaborated.

Information about the patch was provided in the 4th Panel From Hell live performance. The sixth and largest major patch of Baldur’s Gate 3, Forging the Arcane, introduces a new playable wizard class and a new area called Grymforge.

Grymforge continues your journey, beyond the point where the previous Early Access ends, and takes the story further, with new enemies, new missions and characters. Although Grymforge provides new challenges, Baldur’s Gate 3 will receive gameplay, visual effects, and content updates throughout the early access experience.

In addition to the new content, this update also brings huge graphics upgrades, deadly new weapon actions, and hours of new content for you to explore. Forging the Arcane can be played immediately after the live performance on Thursday, October 14th-as long as the office is not flooded (again).

The new class, wizard, is the latest playable class to join the game, these magicians can use internal power. In addition to the iconic ability Metamagic, the course also adds new spells to the game.

Metamagic allows you to adjust your spells in battle. With it, you can increase the range, duration of the spell or hit two enemies at the same time, as well as other powerful spell changes. Metamagic can be used with other casters to obtain additional string effects.

There are two sub-categories of warlocks, each of which has its own advantages, abilities and visual design: wild magic and dragon blood.

  • Wild magic: Wild magicians embrace chaos and opportunity, and use their Chaos Tide ability to manipulate the power of fate. This ability allows them to gain an advantage on attack checks, ability checks, or saving throw checks, thereby enhancing their power in battle. In turn, the wild magician will find himself on the receiving end of potential random effects. Examples include setting everyone around you on fire, getting teleportation as a bonus action, or summoning a hostile mephit!
  • Dragon Blood: Dragon blood warlocks possess magical abilities passed down through their dragon blood lineage. Their faces are engraved with colorful scales, and the powers used by these wizards correspond to their descendants, dragons. Dragon blood warlocks with blood mixed with red dragons will gain additional fire spell effects, while dragon ancestors of other colors can provide abilities related to acid, lightning, cold, and poison. In addition, each level of this subtype will gain extra health, making them a powerful opponent.

The magic lesson brings new spells, including:

  • Terrible face: A new tadpole action that can make your enemies bleed and allow the wizard to steal a magic point from them.
  • Zoom in/out: This new spell will change the character’s size and affect their physical data in the process.
  • Colored balls: A powerful new single-target nuclear weapon that allows wizards to throw energy balls at the enemy.
  • Dagger Cloud: This spell protects the caster and surrounds them in a cloud of flying knives.
  • Crown of Madness: As the name suggests, this spell drives the enemy crazy and can make them attack nearby allies.

The update also improves melee and long-range combat. If you are proficient in weapons, you can now get up to three deadly iconic actions, such as Heartstopper, Non-lethal Weakening Strike, and Concussion Smash.

These changes and additions to weapon actions are designed by Larian, with the goal of providing melee players with more variety and strategic choices.

As mentioned above, there is a new location, Grymforge, which is an old Sharran fortress that can be accessed through the underworld. Here, rivers of lava and flames light up the halls and rooms, where you will find new mission lines, cutscenes, battle encounters and new characters.

The game has also overhauled the graphics, and you will notice a significant improvement in visual depth. The team implemented directional and volumetric lighting, applied fresh color grading throughout the process, and introduced new particle effects, real-time clouds, atmospheric scattering, volumetric fog, and other visual upgrades. You will also notice that cosmetic damage and dirt have been added and are based on the character’s HP. This includes sweat, dirt, bruises, and blood, depending on “how well you failed to become a hero.”

Since the patch 6 comments are close to 11 pages in length, we will not post them here. instead, Just come here Give them a reading. It also weighs about 60GB, so make sure you have enough space before downloading.