Baldur’s Gate: The Dark Alliance has finally landed on PC

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance is BioWare’s large-scale Dungeons and Dragons adventure action role-playing game, which debuted on Xbox and PlayStation 2 in 2001. Earlier this year, the remake appeared unexpectedly on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and publisher Black Isle Studios confirmed that it will also make its way to PC. Now we have another surprise on hand: the PC version is released today.

Dark Alliance is completely different from the Baldur’s Gate game that inspired it. It emphasizes action rather than RPG. It offers three customizable characters to choose from-an elf warlock, a dwarf warrior, and a human archer-and from the sewer under Baldur’s Gate to the peak of the Burning Eye Mountain to the Underworld itself Three journeys. You can battle alone or in a two-person local cooperation mode. The Steam version supports remote games, so you can take risks with your friends, even if they are elsewhere.