Bandai Namco announces new company logo

If you are a fan of Bandai Namco, now is the time to say goodbye to the red, orange and yellow logos that have graced Scarlet Nexus, Tales of Arise, Little Nightmares II and countless other popular games. The company announced a new corporate logo and a new mission statement: Fun for All Into the Future.

The new logo adopts a more minimalist philosophy. The company’s name is written in a simple black font, inside a thick magenta border shaped like a speech bubble.According to a Press release In announcing this change, the speech bubble particularly symbolized the potential of the brand to establish connections with the audience, and it also sounded a wake-up call for comic culture. Bandai Namco said that although the old logo represents the integration of Bandai and Namco, the new logo is more in line with the spirit of their new purpose.

This purpose is a mission statement for all fun into the future. what does this mean? The publisher explained that it embodies the goal of “share dreams, fun and inspiration with people all over the world.” By enjoying unique entertainment products and services, connecting people and society, we are working hard to create a better future for everyone. ”

You still have a few months to enjoy the expiring sign. Bandai Namco stated that the new logo will not take effect until April 2022.

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