Bandai Namco May Collaborate With Another American Fantasy Novelist After George RR Martin

Brandon Sanderson, author of the wildly popular Mistborn series, The Continuation and Ending of the Wheel of Time, and many other fantasy novels, may be pursuing future projects with Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco.

On a recent episode of Sanderson’s Live, Living with Brandon Sanderson, the author received a promotional box from Bandai Namco that included a map between the lands, a cape, a wooden icon for a late game boss and the de facto Elden Ring mascot Malenia, and an unsharpened ‘s broadsword. While Sanderson didn’t read the letter aloud, when asked by a co-host what was in the letter, he replied: “They might be interested in doing something together, that’s what was said, and so am I. “