Bandai Namco will remove Jump Force from Switch eShop in February 2022

Bandai Namco confirmed today that it plans to remove Jump Force from all digital stores including the Nintendo Switch eShop from 5pm Pacific time on February 7. The company will also shut down the online service of Anime Warrior from Wednesday, August 24. However, all single player content will be available as usual. Jump Force: The deluxe version was launched on the Switch in August last year.

“Everyone at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment sincerely thank all Jump Force players and fans for their support over the years. Today, we announced that Jump Force will cease to provide services through digital purchases in the Americas. Jump Force will be available in the afternoon PST on February 7, 2022 Stop at 5 o’clock for basic games, DLC and virtual currency purchases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.”

“In addition, some Jump Force online service servers will be shut down on August 24, 2022; however, except for the ranked game mode, all single-player game functions will continue to be played locally on your home console or PC, as well as PVP battles. .”