Bandai Namco’s new fighting game technology will teach new players how to become better

According to a new patent published recently, Bandai Namco Hope to help players who are not familiar with fighting games to learn the correct way to play better.

A sort of New patent (cheers, Paragraph next) Will read the player’s input and match it with the frame data in the game, telling the player whether they need to speed up the input, or postpone mashing to perform the action they want.

Fighting games usually have a period of time, and when you should enter the next direction or attack in the combined string, these windows are usually very small and difficult for novice players to find. Then, connecting combos in real-life matches may be more difficult.

The new patent will provide players with some kind of in-game notification, telling them why they missed the window of their (possibly) attack, or telling them why the opponent’s strike was a counterattack.

In addition, the technology will be able to digest and learn the habits of players, and then recommend the most suitable character for their game style on the character selection screen. For example, if the game notices that you like to increase the pressure and overwhelm your opponent by throwing various unpredictable moves, then it may push you to turn to a sprint fighter.

Perhaps the most impressive thing in this document is the way the technology will learn from professional players-the technology will have the ability to see how high-end fighters enter their attacks, and monitor the time and interval of their use before displaying For newcomers.

In view of the huge improvements we have seen in the fighting game tutorials recently, it is great to see Bandai Namco push things further. The company released Guilty Gear Strive, which has one of the most powerful tutorial kits we have seen in fighting games in years. It is hoped that the concept of attracting new players through easy-to-analyze in-game activities will pave the way for a new generation of fighting games.