Barbarian Class Coming to Baldur’s Gate 3 and More Features and Improvements

Larian Announced and Posted During Today’s Panel From Hell: 5th Edition Live Baldur’s Gate 3 The seventh patch, Absolute Frenzy.

This patch hails the arrival of the playable barbarian class along with intro and temporary weapons, as well as many other additions, changes and fixes to move the game further towards 1.0.

Patch 7 adds a fog of war mechanic that masks unexplored rooms, tweaks to darkvision and light/dark detection, and more. Of course, it also adds the savage humans mentioned above, as well as a ton of changes and additions from the community. The full patch notes are denseand a more in-depth look at what’s changed, but here are some highlights.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Update 7

New Class: Barbarian

  • Relentless in the heat of battle, fueled by the wrath of nature, and with chaotic energy louder than a thousand reality TV stars combined, the Barbarians are the latest class to join Baldur’s Gate 3
  • Subclass 1: Ambition Barbarians choose the Heart of the Beast to inspire, protect, and guide them, gaining different combat abilities and face piercings according to their choice.
  • Subclass 2: Rampage barbarians are pulled from pure rage, turning their rage into a rage and giving two new bonus moves – Rampage Throw deals bonus damage to enemies and inflicts a prone state, and Berserker Strike allows ragers Use bonuses to do things like double-attack improv weapons.
  • Improvised Weapons: Almost anything has the potential to be turned into a deadly projectile that can be thrown at your enemies! Simple weapons deal damage based on their weight, and characters can use simple weapons that weigh up to three times their Strength attribute value. In a nutshell, this means having high enough power stats that you can use something as big as a Mindflayer as a tool to hit enemies – although we don’t think he’ll like it.
  • Throwing Weapons: Patch 7 also adds throwable daggers, javelins, hand axes, and spears, allowing you to attack from a distance and making melee combat feel more dynamic.
  • Complete UI Overhaul: Patch 7 includes a complete overhaul of Baldur’s Gate 3’s HUD UI, making it smoother, more streamlined, and easier to use.
  • Stealth and Exploration: Improving exploration in Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the cornerstones of this patch. We want to make sure that as you explore, the surprises to come stay the same: surprises!
  • Light and Dark: We’ve improved the way light and dark areas are detected, meaning you’re less likely to miss during the day, and dodging NPCs is more accurately affected by the darkness around you.
  • Darkvision: Improved visualization means that characters using darkvision will not see bright rooms, but will see in the dark through the view cone effect.
  • Room Portal: A black barrier that covers the door of an unexplored room and hides characters and objects within it.
  • New magical loot: We’ve placed a new batch of magical loot around the world, from helmets and gloves to lightning-charged tridents, each granting its owner impressive stat boosts, buffs, or perks.
  • Upgraded cutscenes: We’ve improved nearly 700 cutscenes – upgraded visuals, tweaked characters, added and enhanced animations, and improved pacing.

Early Access remains a key part of Larian’s development process, a process the studio says allows it to iterate and improve based on feedback to create the best game possible.

Its internal release targets are “quality standards not dates,” so the team says a date will come when it’s closer to achieving the target. Currently, its expectation is that Baldur’s Gate 3 will be released from Early Access in 2023.