Bastion and Sombra’s Overwatch 2 rework revealed

Blizzard Entertainment is making some major changes to the hero Overwatch for Overwatch 2, Including everyone’s favorite click-and-kill turret robot fort.In addition to wearing a baseball cap borrowed from Torbjörn, the capabilities of the fort have also been redesigned Overwatch 2, Blizzard revealed in the Overwatch League final on Saturday night.

In the first Overwatch, The fort can be transformed from a walking robot (reconnaissance mode) to a fixed turret (sentinel mode), gaining a higher rate of fire and a large amount of ammunition at the expense of mobility.exist Overwatch 2, The fortress will gain mobility in the turret form (albeit at a slower speed). The fort also gained a new ability—a secondary firepower for bouncing sticky bombs—and lost one—the ability to repair itself.

The ultimate ability of the fortress also completely changed the sequel. The fortress will not turn into a tank, but will enter a full-scale siege mode, launching three targeted cannons to explode, raining on the opponent.

According to reports, Blizzard is still updating the exterior of the fort, using “more fashionable and modern materials.” Overwatch The role art director Donald Tsang.Just like other redesigned actors Overwatch, The character redesign is compelling, if not completely different.

Another character gets a lot of ability rework Overwatch 2 It’s the shadow.

Overwatch Game director Aaron Keller said that these changes will weaken Sombra’s group control ability, while providing her with more opportunities to cause harm.One of the components is Sombra’s hacking ability, which has a shorter cooling time and is Overwatch 2: Enemies that are hacked will take more than 50% damage when they are hacked. Enemies’ abilities will be disturbed for a short time (only one second) when they are invaded, but they will take additional damage for a full eight seconds. Sombra and her teammates can also see the hacked enemy through the wall. Oh, Sombra can now invade in stealth mode (although she will be temporarily visible during the process).

Sombra’s ultimate ability will now cause damage to opponents within the hack’s range—40% of their current health, instead of depleting their shields—all of which should make her a more powerful damage option Overwatch 2.

Latest look Overwatch 2 A more subtle change was also revealed: at least one Easter egg that paid tribute to former Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has apparently been removed from the New York map of the sequel, which is Blizzard’s commitment to remove references to real-life employees in the game a part of. A sign that once read “Jeph’s Corner Pizza” now only carries the last two words.

The developer did not provide the latest news about when players will be exposed to the sequel, but Activision Blizzard has stated that we should not expect it Overwatch 2 As early as 2022.

Blizzard’s latest update Overwatch 2 Soon after the game’s executive producer Chacko Sonny left, and the continued turmoil of the publisher Activision Blizzard, the company faced widespread allegations that it maintained a toxic work environment that was particularly hostile to women. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing sued Activision Blizzard in July, alleging that the company’s women were paid lower and were subjected to sexual harassment without meaningful punishment of the perpetrators. You can read more about the allegations against Activision Blizzard in Polygon’s explainer.