Batman’s DC Fandome trailer emerges from the shadows

Director Matt Reeves’s new interpretation of the Gotham Cloak Fighter, Batman, Saw the making of the movie and behind-the-scenes of the second trailer on the center stage of DC Fandome.

Robert Pattinson’s depiction of Batman takes place early in the journey of the crime fighter, from Batman: First Year comics. Reeves described this version as a “hermit rock star in a decadent manor”, and even before conducting any auditions or screen tests, he thought Pattinson was a suitable candidate for the role. Zoe Kravitz plays Selena Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman), and Reeves says she has shown a “Selina like this” attitude from the beginning. Kravitz talked about wanting Selena to feel like a real person, not an idea.

The previous big-screen Batman repeatedly used fear to defeat their opponents, but this way felt more direct and unwavering in his actions. Bruce said in the trailer, “When that light hits the sky; it’s not just a phone call. This is a warning.” At the end of the trailer, with Colin Farrel’s Oswald Cobblepot Terminator-style car chase (definitely killed it from what we have seen so far), Batman confidently/threateningly moved from hell to the classic Gotham villain.

Batman’s main enemy this time is the riddler played by Paul Dano. Other names in the cast include Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon, Andy Serkins as Alfred Pennyworth, Peter Sasgard as Jill Coleson, and John Tutoro plays Carmin Falcone. Batman It will be released exclusively in theaters on March 4, 2022.