BattleCat is a crossover FPS for Splinter Cell, The Division and Ghost Recon

The new Ubisoft multiplayer shooter seems to have leaked.

Battlecat It is said to be a new first-person shooter that combines the elements of. Sprinter cell, division, And Ghost reconnaissance..

Twitter user Zer0Bytes Published a selection of images over the weekend to showcase a new unreleased game, but Ubisoft moved quickly and has been successful in removing images ever since.

The image appears to show an internal document that appears to be intended for internal use, which seems to describe a game called “Battlecat”. VGC). Note that this can be a codename and the final title can be different.

Ubisoft hasn’t announced the game yet, and VGC said publishers have no plans to reveal it at E3.

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According to the images we saw, playable characters in multiplayer shooters include Echelon from Splinter Cell, Wolves from Breakpoint, and Cleaners and Outcasts from The Division.

It’s not yet clear how all these units will be combined narratively, but obviously each character has its own abilities and class perks that can be used to your advantage on the battlefield. You can prevent the death of nearby allies.

According to the leaked documentation, two modes were revealed.

• • escort: Escort your luggage to the delivery zone before the defender intercepts and stops you.
• • Mastermind: Collect rings from fallen enemies. This is a bit like the dog tag mode of other shooters.

Will this be an important title in Ubisoft’s plans to shift its focus away from its reliance on triple-A games and expand to high-end free play titles?

Given that Rainbow Six Extraction, Far Cry 6, The Division Heartland, and Prince of Persia are all expected to arrive by April 2022, it’s not surprising that the game could still take months to release. is.

You can read more about what to expect Ubisoft Forward website. Ubisoft showcase begins June 12, 12:00 pm (Pacific Time) / 3:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) / 8:00 pm (UK) / 9:00 pm (Central European Summer Time)You can also check out via. Cramps, Or Youtube.

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