Battlefield 2042 bug-all known issues and fixes

Battlefield 2042 Coming soon, but as can be expected, all games of this scale will of course have early problems. Errors, glitches, and other minor annoyances make it a highlight of the release day. For those who are preparing for November 19th, and those who are currently playing Early Access-you will definitely encounter at least some of these minor discomforts.

To help you avoid any and all avoidable inconveniences, we have compiled this List of known errors Torture Battlefield 2042, Directly from DICE. Each major issue is placed in its own related category so that you can quickly identify it when you encounter it while playing the game.

Battlefield 2042 Process Error-Unable to get XP on 128-player server

There is currently an issue where XP cannot be tracked correctly on a 128-person server. It is under development, but at the same time, if you care about upgrading, it is best to stick to a smaller game mode.

Battlefield 2042 Expert Error-Dozer S0B 8 Ballistic Shield is disabled

One of the experts, Dozer’s ballistic shield is currently disabled because it does not work as expected, and the DICE team is studying how to change it. This will affect experts in battlefield portals, total warfare, and danger zones.

Battlefield 2042 map error-Breakaway.Kaleidoscope, obsolescence, and inventory issues

At present, some maps in “Battlefield 2042” have a series of problems. All of these issues are under repair, but the known bugs that need to be aware of are as follows:

  • Once the large silo was destroyed, rubber bands were detected on Breakaway.
  • In Breakthrough mode of Breakaway, players cannot spawn on B1 when B1 is contested
  • On the kaleidoscope, if the player joins later in the round, the bridge destruction state may not be synchronized.
  • In Kaleidoscope’s breakthrough mode, players cannot compete on B1
  • When playing games on maps discarded for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 players, flickering is rare.
  • For PS5 players on Manifest, if the player stands in the weather station when the building is destroyed, a rare issue with the lighting system may be triggered. This may trigger those with photosensitive conditions. It is best to avoid until repaired.

Battlefield 2042 Error-Player is stuck on the map

Several locations where the player may get stuck in the map geometry have been determined and will be fixed in a future patch. However, there may still be spots there. If you do get stuck, the best thing you can do is report the error.

Battlefield 2042 Robot Error-Computer Controlled NPC Issue

In some cases, the robot cannot resurrect a player who has fallen on the ground. This is a priority issue and will be fixed in a future update.

Ranger also faces some problems. There are currently some errors. They will malfunction after being commanded to cross obstacles, and may not respond to long-distance “Go-to” commands.

Battlefield 2042 Audio Error-Helicopter Locked Sound

After you lock the helicopter and destroy it, the lock sound will occasionally persist after the helicopter is destroyed. This issue has been fixed in a later update.

Battlefield 2042 user interface and messaging errors

There are currently quite a few issues affecting the user interface and messaging system in Battlefield 2042. All these errors will be fixed in future patches. They are listed below:

  • All platforms-there is currently no error message to indicate to the player that the game is still being installed
  • All platforms-even if the subtitles are set to ON, there are no subtitles in the video tutorial
  • Battlefield Portal-loading has a slight tendency to not save when entering or leaving the game
  • Battlefield Dangerous Zone-When the second round starts, trigger the unlock of the previous round in the introduction sequence
  • All platforms-when returning to the main menu after the game, the expert’s texture loading speed may be slow
  • All platforms-activating the “Vertical Sync” option when using a 144hz display has no effect
  • All platforms-There is no “View Profile” option in “Search EA ID” between Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5 players on the same platform
  • All platforms-We have noticed a special situation where the ability to access Battlefield 2042 accounts across multiple platforms may cause Cross Play Friends to not appear
  • All platforms-after being killed by another player, the attacker’s player card will not load
  • All platforms-Sprint/Boost prompt text is currently misleading

Battlefield 2042 process error-master level and some unlocking issues

There are currently a series of questions about improving your mastery level and unlocking several cosmetics in Battlefield 2042. With the exception of the master level error (the first listed below), all issues will be fixed soon. Known process errors include:

  • All platforms-The ranking shown in the bottom right corner of the main menu does not always update with the actual rankings obtained by players after an online session. The team is currently repairing it for future updates.
  • All platforms-weapon skins are unlocked, but an incomplete progress bar will be displayed until the game is restarted. Restarting the game will resolve this issue for you, but it has been fixed for the upcoming update.
  • All platforms-all locked character/weapon/vehicle skins have not reached their mastery level goal
  • All platforms-“Fly Not Ye Cowards” player card art unlock goal is currently incorrect, you need to visit two locations in El Alamein in the same life to unlock this
  • All platforms-EMP Mine is currently labeled incorrectly. We will rename it to EMP grenade later.
  • All platforms-some skins are suitable for weapon charms. It is currently being repaired for future updates.
  • All platforms-Hardware items will not show the mastery bar until T5 is unlocked
  • PlayStation 5-Med-Pen Mastery badge currently does not track progress after level 25
  • PlayStation 5-After completing the conditions, the Captain Caspian Playercard background is not unlocked

Battlefield 2042 Weapon and Gadget Error-Reconnaissance UAV and XDR Holographic Scope Issue

Currently, players cannot deploy reconnaissance drones while lying prone. On the PC, the reconnaissance drone will not lock onto enemy targets or vehicles. Fixes have been created for these and will be provided in a future update.

For those who use XDR Holo sights, there is currently a flickering issue that affects some players. This is due to a fix in an upcoming patch.

Battlefield 2042 Vehicle Error-Vertical Aiming and MD540 Nightbird Issue

Some bugs affecting the vehicle have been fixed, but may still exist for a short time. These include the inability to aim vertically in the vehicle shortly after you enter the vehicle, the absence of controller vibration in the vehicle, and some vehicles that lack ray-traced environmental occlusion.

In addition, MD540 Nightbird’s rocket also has problems. Sometimes, when they hit the ground, they may be frozen in place. There is also a solution.

Battlefield 2042 parachute bug-the parachute stays open after landing

A comical issue that still affects Battlefield 2042 affects player parachutes, causing them to remain open even after you land. There is no quick solution to this, but the developers will continue to improve this in future updates.

Battlefield 2042 danger zone error-continuous extraction does not update

There are currently some problems that plague mining. Currently, PC players may encounter the problem of using the mouse to select an expert. Currently, it is recommended that you use the space bar to select the characters you want.

In addition, there are other minor issues in repairing incoming. Players currently cannot revive teammates within the extraction point, and sometimes the extraction continuity will not be updated after multiple successful extractions.

Battlefield 2042 Portal Error-“Unable to Create” Message

The last known issue in Battlefield 2042 only exists in battlefield portals. When creating an experience, the game will occasionally tell you “cannot create” it. This is actually not true, refreshing the page will solve the problem. It is currently being repaired, so unfortunately, you need to live with it now.

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