Battlefield 2042 bullet spread will be repaired this week, DICE takes into account “legacy features” such as scoreboards

So far, one of the main complaints about “Battlefield 2042” is the spread of bullets from the assault rifle, which has a poor range due to its unstable shooting.A generation like Assault rifles are not the main gun type in BF2042, but I know that this day will come: in the second patch of Battlefield 2042 released this Thursday, assault rifles and other guns will become more accurate, and the one in December will be bigger. The patch will enable even more gun balance adjustments. DICE is also considering player complaints about the redesigned scoreboard, although it has delayed announcing the details of its “legacy features” plan.

In its big Blog post Today, the developers did reveal some specific fixes and changes in the next two patches, however, the bullet deviation is only a small part of the changes.However, starting from this question, Thursday’s Update #2 It will reduce the spread of all bullets when aiming and moving, and reduce the spread of fixed ADS for “many weapons”. Continuous and single shots will also become more accurate, and the dominant PP-29 submachine gun will gain greater vertical recoil, making it no longer like a beast.