“Battlefield 2042: Dice” announced plans for the first year, including multiple seasons, battle passes, new experts, etc.

Dice announced the post-launch plan for the first year of “Battlefield 2042”, and the title of the multiplayer game still has a lot of content.

“Battlefield 2042” is now available to players who can play early, the full game will be released on November 19.When you enter the game, you will receive a large number of maps, experts, weapons, and more, but according to New blog post Starting with the dice, this is just the beginning. In the first year, you can look forward to multiple seasons and accompanying battle passes, new experts, and possibly some new maps.

“In the first year of our live broadcast service, we will provide four seasons, four battle passes, four new experts and new locations, and more fresh content,” reads Dice’s blog post. “We also intend to provide updates for the battlefield portal, which will provide players with more ways to build and share new battlefield experiences with the world.”

Dice went on to say in his blog that for Season 1, expect a new expert, a battle pass, and some additional portal content. They even joked that as the story unfolds in 2042, players may see some “new attractions” (presumably through new maps). Dice said that more details will be announced early next year.

“During the release, we will also kick off the pre-season game with weekly tasks and rewards, limited-time mode, focused creators and battlefield portal experience,” the blog post wrote.

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