Battlefield 2042 early comments are here, everyone loves Portal-our roundup

Battlefield 2042 Comments began to decrease gradually. Well, the works under review and early impressions, because no one can spend enough time to make judgments on the various modes of the game.

While we are studying our own thoughts and impressions-looking for those sometime next week-we want you to see what other colleagues in our gaming media think of what they have played so far. Battlefield 2042 is composed of three different experiences: total war and conquest and breakthrough, community-driven portal mode and bad company 2, battlefield 1942 and battlefield 3 rework, and Takov-Light Danger Zone.

The review impressions you will see below cover all three modes, but since everyone has the opportunity to spend a few hours on each mode, expect more.

Computer game player A special fan of Portal, partly because it provides attractive opportunities, but also because it allows you to relive the original Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2 and BF 1942.

“Running aimlessly across the fields and wandering around the capture point definitely brought me back to the early 2000s. BF3 still feels modern to me, although the return to the Caspian Sea border and the Noxal Canal does remind me of it since 2011 How much has changed since the beginning of the year,” wrote PCG.

Game informant The acceptance of all three models is conservative, although critics do like what the experts bring. However, in most cases, they are not satisfied with the technical state of the game.

“Unfortunately, “Battlefield 2042″ currently lacks a layer of embellishment in its pre-release state. Most of the errors I encounter are minor, such as the grappling hook’s zipline passing through the front of the device during the animation, or working hard Call air support for drought maps like the hourglass, because the navigation grid of the sand is wrong. Others may adversely affect the gameplay, such as the sniper scope loses its magnification after interacting with auxiliary equipment, or cannot be resurrected in the danger zone Teammates shot down,” GI wrote.

Polygon One of the lower enthusiasm for the game. The comment praised the Plus menu system, which allows you to equip accessories instantly, but regrets how the big map slows down.

“An unfortunate side effect of the huge maps of Battlefield 2042 is that they feel much larger than the maps in earlier games, and they may take too long to walk through. There are several conquest matches, especially on the desert map hourglass, which It made me feel like I was playing a battle royale game. After the gunshots and the players in the distance, I realized that when I arrived, the action had been transferred to other places,” Polygon wrote.

European players Agree that the portal is the highlight, especially the satisfying entertainment of “Bad Company 2”. According to Eurogamer, despite the larger map size, the new 128 player conquest is still working well.

“So far, the best part of this Battlefield Pack is the strict remake of a game that is more than 10 years old, which is a bit outrageous, and elsewhere, this series seems to be stuck in the same way it has been for a while. But maybe it’s better to look at the bulkier parts of the packaging in the past and focus on the parts that are really effective, because if you know where to look, the special temptation of the battlefield is still there, better and brighter than before, the sandbox is better than There has been a larger and more extensive massacre in the past,” Eurogamer wrote.

Game point It is not entirely certain whether the addition of experts will ultimately benefit the series. According to the comments, using the right experts on the right map, the game can be played very smoothly, but this can also cause dull moments where you have to scramble to find someone more suitable for the situation.

“Experts are not always perfect-some people feel out of place on certain maps. There is also an ongoing shooter problem, which is that exciting characters with high kills, such as Baik, have the ability Seeing through the wall in a short time, there is no doubt that it attracts more use than assisted or fixed characters such as Falck, Angel or Boris. But DICE promises to add more experts in the future, and the game experience in the cast Already diversified enough to see how to add and reorganize them to work together is an exciting prospect,” GS wrote.

“Battlefield 2042” will be released on November 19th, but you can play it as early as November 12th tomorrow in various ways.