Battlefield 2042: Forget the C5 drone, the C5 shield is where it is

Battlefield players are no strangers to sticking long-range explosives to objects and creating a temporary, explosive siege hammer. Circumstances, details and objects may change-but someone will always find a quick and effective way to deliver explosives.

Battlefield 2042You can also do this. Since its release, players have been bringing back the classic C5 (C4) jeep skills, but later discovered other ways to deliver explosive bundles. If you manage to make C5 stick to it, expert Casper’s drone will become faster and even more deadly.

Although DICE has recently made drones louder, so it will not sneak close to people so easily, it is still a popular way of explosives. But there is another more confrontational method involving Dozer’s shield.

Reddit users Boody_youtube Considering that the shield of the bulldozer seems to be indestructible and can usually block tank shots and other explosives, there was an idea to try. The test is simple: stick a few C5s on the front of the shield and run towards the enemy.

The results speak for themselves.

Now, there is no denying that this tactic requires two players to complete, rather than most other C5 skills. However, it is undoubtedly interesting to see a bulldozer player running towards you, killing you in an explosion, instead of a normal melee. Watch the full video above.

Earlier today, DICE released the third and final update of the game this year, bringing some last-minute fixes and some welcome balance adjustments. In case you missed it, “Battlefield 2042” won our prestigious alternative game award.