Battlefield 2042-Game Informer Live

Are you ready to adapt to some dynamic battles in the near future? Well, it’s time. The public beta of “Battlefield 2042” is in full swing, and it is expected that the game will be fully released on November 19. Judging from the information we have collected, a tornado may be involved. Anyway, this is what I saw on Twitter and TikTok.

Today, should Game informant When we enter the game in the live broadcast every Thursday, the staff will find all the content of the hype. Have a snack, join us, it will definitely be a dynamic afternoon when we look at all the content provided in the Battlefield beta. When we try to use every car in sight, we will never be blown up. It will never happen.

Special Guest Eric Van Allen (Senior journalist, Spoiler) with Jesse Vitelli (edit, Primary game) Will also play with us, so please watch the Central Prank from 2:00 pm!

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