Battlefield 2042 gets limited voice chat options

Since its volatile launch, Battlefield 2042 has received development support in the form of several updates that address bugs and add much-needed content to the game. Earlier this year, a scoreboard detailing ribbon progress, match statistics, and more was finally implemented. While the community would like to see a range of features added to Dice’s frenetic shooter, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is still near the top. In today’s Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0, limited voice chat options were introduced.

But what does “limited” mean?according to EA/Battlefield Official Site, now has “Two voice chat channels to choose from: Party and Squad. VoIP settings can be adjusted via Options > Sound/Voice > In-Game Chat.” Unfortunately, you can’t communicate with the entire team just yet, But it’s definitely a solid start. Additionally, the scoreboard UI refresh hit 2042 servers. Finally, numerous weapon attachments, matchmaking/social, progression//unlocking, map and player character changes have been made to provide a smoother action experience.You can read tons of fixes here.

Are you still playing Battlefield 2042? What has your experience been like in the past few months?