Battlefield 2042 Gun Ranking: The best weapon

Battlefield 2042 is still in its early stages. Some players joined for the first time on November 18th, so the winning strategy and attachments have not yet been determined. When you start to gain a foothold, here is a list of all the Battlefield 2042 guns you will be able to unlock, and we think this is the best gun so far.

A total of 22 guns can be unlocked, including the side arms, and a large number of accessories and ammunition, which can be mixed and matched with each gun. The attachment of each gun must be unlocked separately, but the gun itself will naturally unlock over time.

What is the best battlefield 2042 gun?

In the early days of Battlefield 2042, you will use unlocked content. LCMG is the first LMG you will unlock at the third level, and it has good long-range accuracy. It’s worth a try, because the assault rifle feels more tricky than it used to be. It is difficult to suppress the desire to shoot when moving with an assault rifle, but your bullets will deviate from the target at a long distance. It would be more satisfying to lie on your stomach with a light machine gun.

For similar reasons, SVK marksman rifles and DXR-1 sniper rifles have been popular choices in the early days of multiplayer games because they are unlocked at a fairly low account level.

In particular, the SVK has a very large blow. As a marksman rifle (different from a sniper rifle), it is more suitable for medium and long-range combat than a bolt action gun with a slower rate of fire. In most cases, SVK is a two-shot kill, just be careful of its relentless kick.

However, this is not just about scope. If you like to stay out of things, don’t despise SMG. The PBX-45 has a lower rate of fire than some later SMGs, but due to its lower recoil, it can transition from close combat to mid-range combat well. At level 18, you will unlock PP-29, which has proven to be a very strong contender so far.

Although it has a limited range, its recoil is very small, and it can tear enemies at closer distances. It also has a bulky bread-shaped magazine with more bullets per pound than the entry-level PBX SMG.

As a quick tip, if you want to use some of the accessories that have been set up, you can replace the default barrels, sights and other accessories in the cross menu that is bound to the T key by default. After unlocking, make sure to equip the new barrel and ammunition type. According to its statistics, the Warhawk Compensator barrel can reduce vertical recoil without compromise, so you might as well use it. When you start to unlock additional types of ammunition, you will want to provide them in your T menu-if not for attacking vehicles, then just to obtain any type of additional ammunition.

Battlefield 2042 Gun: SMG

(Image source: Electronic Arts)
  • PBX-45: (Default) Short-range .45 submachine gun.
  • PP-29: (Lvl 18) Large-capacity 9mm submachine gun.
  • MP9: (Lvl 26) Lightweight 9mm submachine gun.
  • K30: (Lvl 53) A submachine gun with a short range but a high rate of fire.

Battlefield 2042 Gun: Assault

(Image source: Electronic Arts)
  • M5A3: (Default) Medium-range semi-automatic or automatic assault rifle.
  • AK-24: (Lvl 11) Medium range and high power of 5.45mm bullet.
  • SFAR-M GL: (Lvl 27) The high firepower of the 7.62mm bullet.
  • AC-42: (Lvl 40) Accurate, high rate of fire burst assault rifle.

Battlefield 2042 Gun: LMG

(Image source: Electronic Arts)
  • LCMG: (Lvl 3) High firepower and low recoil LMG.
  • PKP-BP: (Lvl 32) Fully automatic LMG with 7.62mm bullets.

Battlefield 2042 Gun: Marksman

(Image source: Electronic Arts)
  • DM7: (Default) A slower but accurate extended-range rifle.
  • SVK: (Lvl 14) Long-range rifle with 4x zoom.
  • VCR: (Lvl 47) Light short-range rifle.

Battlefield 2042 Gun: Sniper

(Image source: Electronic Arts)
  • SWS-10: (Default) Long-range bolt action rifle with 6x zoom.
  • DXR-1: (Lvl 24) Super long-range heavy rifle with 8x zoom.
  • NTW-50: (Lvl 60) High-caliber anti-material rifle.

Battlefield 2042 Gun: Utility

(Image source: Electronic Arts)
  • MCS-880: (Lvl 7) Close-range tactical shotgun.
  • GVT 45-70: (Lvl 21) High-power level action rifle.
  • 12M automatic: (Lvl 44) High-power fully automatic assault rifle.

Battlefield 2042 Guns: Sidearms

(Image source: Electronic Arts)
  • G57: (Default) Light close range pistol.
  • MP28: (Lvl 17) 9mm carbine at close range.
  • M44: (Lvl 29) Manual high-power pistol.