Battlefield 2042 introduces non-binary characters, which is the first of the series

Emma “Sundance” Rosier is one of the playable experts of Battlefield 2042. She is non-binary, which makes them the first character in EA’s long-running series to recognize this.Sundance’s biographies use gender-neutral pronouns for them/theirs on the Sagittarius’ official website, which leads to A fan asked a question on Twitter If they are determined to be non-binary. Adam Freeman, EA Chief Community Manager Confirm in reply, “Yes. Sundance is non-binary.”

Sundance is one of the 10 experts in the game, and you can choose to play in a large number of maps in the game. Their equipment includes a wing suit that allows you to slide across large areas of land to approach targets and exchange fire. They can also throw smart explosives, once thrown, they will spray on enemy vehicles to cause considerable damage. Sundance is not available in the most recent beta, so their unique toolkit may alleviate anyone who was previously dissatisfied with the degree of difference between various roles.

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