“Battlefield 2042” is the worst-rated mainline work in the history of the series

Battlefield 2042In many ways, the release of this game has a rough start, and it seems that all of the game’s dilemmas are reflected in its key scores, setting a new record for the series.

The release of Battlefield games is always difficult, some even lack concentration, but these problems are the most common in Battlefield 2042. DICE’s latest shooting game now has a Metacritic score of 64-71.

The overall score varies from platform to platform, as it tends to be.The lowest is 64-bit version of Xbox Series X/S, Followed by PS5 slightly higher 68. Computer leads With 71.

The situation on the independent aggregation site OpenCritic is not much better.Due to its more transparent algorithm, the total score is Below 66, based on 104 reviews.

This is lower than Battlefield 5, the game released before Battlefield 2042. The lowest scored version of Battlefield 5 is PS4, Critics at 73 yuan. The highest is the PC, With 81.

Many people don’t think Battlefield Hardline is the mainline item, and the game has received considerable criticism when it was released and even before. It’s not remembered deeply, or not remembered at all, really, but its Metacritic score is indeed higher than Battlefield 2042. Hardline scored Between 71 and 73.

This makes Battlefield 2042 the lowest-rated mainline entry.It’s actually closer War hero with Battlefield Play4Free The Metacritic score is better than other full-fat battlefield games.

In our review, we awarded Battlefield 2042 three out of five stars.

“I hope that 2042 will become a more interesting battlefield game sometime next year, but this series has gone through various levels of rough release-from BF 2142 to BF 5-I can’t say that I have the stamina to perform due to technical issues. Punishing DICE’s dance with missing features, but in the game inevitably’now good, actually’ turn around to celebrate a year later,” I concluded.