Battlefield 2042 Misaligned collision boxes are another reason why you keep missing shots

As Battlefield 2042 Players continue to work hard to solve many design problems and technical problems of the game, especially one that drives everyone crazy. That’s because the game tends to ignore the bullets fired, making it look like you can’t hit anything.

Of course, network code and latency are part of the problem, but another major factor is the excessive random bullet deviation of the game, which makes the bullets not always fall where the markings suggest.

But this lack of accuracy seems to have another dimension, which is related to expert collision boxes.

Reddit users Nickel FPS Some tests were performed on the player models of Falck and Sundance. By shooting around the target, they were able to see which parts of the 3D model recorded hits and which did not.

For Falck, her collision box seems to be wider than her character model. As you can see in the video below, shooting around the character will still result in a hit. Sundance’s situation is just the opposite, her collision box looks much smaller than her character model.

In their case, you can cross the shoulders without getting hit-which explains why it is difficult to hit Sundance players consistently.

Of course, Battlefield 2042 is not the first fps affected by mismatched collision boxes. Apex Legends has encountered inconsistent collision boxes in many cases. Hitboxes are one of the trickiest things in shooting games, especially when you try to provide soft aiming assistance to make players feel good about their shooting skills.

Hope this is not a common problem for all/most experts, or at least, this is a problem that DICE can solve quickly. The last thing “Battlefield 2042” needs now is another issue that makes gunfights inconsistent.