Battlefield 2042: Players discover abnormal use of proximity sensors

Proximity sensor in Battlefield 2042 It has always been the source of easy access to XP, and also the bane of the survival of sneak players. But now that DICE has weakened it in today’s patch, players have been exploring more…creative uses.

By default, the proximity sensor acts like a grenade. If you throw it down or up, it will land and find enemies within a certain radius, which can be seen by all teammates on the small map. Whenever your sensor finds that an enemy has been killed, you will earn points.

But what if you can actually ignore its intelligence-gathering properties and treat it as another physical object?This is a Reddit user xFinman There is a lot of doing this: use proximity sensors as grab points. By throwing it into the air and grabbing it, they managed to quickly move to a suitable height.

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