Battlefield 2042 players need traditional scoreboards

Battlefield 2042 is only for those who bought the game early (you can read the ongoing reviews here), and players already have a list of changes they want DICE to implement. From the official subreddit of BF2042, the most important one is the traditional in-game scoreboard.

The scoreboard DICE made for Battlefield 2042 deliberately fails to tell the full story of the game. Pressing Tab (default) during the game will display the ranking of each team, including their kills, assists and resurrection. It will not show you the statistics of individual players unless they are in your team and it will not tell you the number of deaths of someone.

The new scoreboard for Battlefield 2042. Left: Team data. Correct: your statistics. (Image source: DICE)

Many fans miss Traditional scoreboard Play each player’s kills, deaths, scores and draws from past battlefield games so that everyone can see. “Why keep such simple and standard things in all shooters? I like to check my personal data, team data, overall data, if the team is balanced. Please bring this simple feature back,” the user wrote Where did you go On Reddit.