Battlefield 2042 players really want to get back the classic scoreboard

Although it seems a bit stingy to complain about such complicated final small features in the game Battlefield 2042Many early players of the game somehow agreed that the new scoreboard design is the most important thing to pay attention to right now.

A look at the Battlefield 2042 subreddit will show how many threads are discussing this issue. The new Battlefield 2042 scoreboard has an unusual design and focuses on individual performance, but it does not actually show your ranking among other members of the team/server.

On the left, the panel only lists the top teams and the overall game scores of the two teams. For now, there is no way to see how high/low you rank among your team or enemies. Although the scoreboard has been updated since the Beta and Alpha versions, the design is basically unchanged, and players demand the return of the classic battlefield scoreboard.

“No matter how good the game is, it is meaningless if there is no scoreboard or even something as simple as KD Counter in the game. What is the point of playing the game? In contrast, how do you judge whether you are doing well in the game? Other people,” one argued Reddit users, Who started the #BRINGBACKSCOREBOARD tag.

“In Battlefield 4, the scoreboard indicates who is dead or alive, so it also provides you with other useful information. At least you can provide us with the scoreboard in the portal. If you need inspiration DICE, please review Battlefield 4, this is a perfect choice scoreboard,” other explained.

Call for clues to return to the old scoreboard Has always been the most popular Since the “Battlefield 2042” Early Access began, it has been on subreddit. Although DICE did not respond to these requests, it is clear that there is a strong desire for major changes there.

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“Battlefield 2042” will be officially released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on November 19.