Battlefield 2042 Preview-The True Turning Point of the FPS Franchise

Sure, it’s fun to fight in fast-paced shooters, but have you ever used a tornado as a weapon? The answer is probably no, but with Battlefield 2042 you can’t dream of a dream with Shia LaBeouf on the inside. The next step in the Battlefield franchise is to push the sky to the limit with cutting-edge technology and a new generation of hardware. Many games boast of it, but Battlefield 2042 really seems to be fulfilling its promise. From increasing player numbers to the perfect blend of new and familiar ones, the next FPS is ready to regain the crown in a multiplayer space.

Battlefield 2042 sets the stage for the near future in a world devastated by the most serious refugee crisis known to humankind. In this shooter, the player is what is called non-patted, or non-put for short. Non-pats are peasants, engineers, soldiers-they are survivors and fighters who do not fight for the flag. They fight for the future of the known world.

The latest Battlefield, this time in a slightly different way, avoids the usual single-player and multiplayer components and instead provides players with a hybrid experience. I was disappointed when I first learned that there was no single player, but the more I learned about 2042, the more I knew what the vision for this new game was. On the online side of the equation, DICE is pushing this shooter to the limit by increasing the number of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC players to 128. The PS4 and Xbox One players have been scaled down to 64 to maintain the experience, but the studio promises that reducing the number of players will not affect the overall style and feel of the game.

At the heart of Battlefield 2042, with a focus on multiplayer, there are three core experiences. Next-generation fans love Conquest and the breakthrough All Out Warfare. Combined with the largest map in Battlefield franchise history, All-Out Warfare is designed to be free, intense and pure chaos. That chaos is increased to 11 by dynamic weather changes, evolving world events, and … yes, a terrifying tornado.

Tornadoes, sandstorms, etc. destroy the map and players fight it. According to DICE, players can choose to move away from the tornado’s path or use the power of the tornado to gain an edge. In either direction, do you take advantage of a huge natural disaster to get snipers out? If you ask me, it sounds pretty epic.

The second multiplayer experience is the hazard zone. All of this aspect is about communication between high stakes and the team. It’s a more modernized version of the battlefield experience and, by itself, completely different from that of the All Out War.

The last aspect of the multiplayer experience is still a secret. DICE will reveal more about July of this year. That said, the studio gave us a cheeky smile when long-time enthusiasts of this particular shooter series said, “I feel like I’m at home.”

With the largest map ever, I couldn’t wait to learn more about the different places we can work on. North Korea has a kaleidoscope of purpose centered on a disinformation hub. There is a manifest set in Singapore. This place challenges even the most strategic players if the supply line is threatened. Orbital is located in French Guiana and is centered around the controversial rocket launch site. India was abandoned and its nuclear assets are on the line. The renewal will take place in Egypt and players will have to overcome dangerous sandstorms and each other. Hourglasses are installed in Qatar with a focus on fraudulent convoys. And finally, break away. Set in Antarctica, this map compares nature with the military when the oil and gas conflict reaches its limits.

Each map is larger than the player has ever seen, both in terms of linear scope and verticality. There’s no shortage of experience for anyone looking for the ultimate FPS challenge in more ways to conquer the Battlefield 2042 terrain with both gear, vehicles and updated classes.

If you’re worried about playing with others in a faded single-player experience, don’t do that. DICE has set up a way for anyone who wants to take part in the latest battlefields to do exactly that without teaming up with strangers. You can play on any map in any game mode, but instead of a live opponent, players can choose to play against AI. The choice of dealer, you decide.

The new map will bring new specialists to work on them. Battlefield 2042 offers a new type of playable soldier inspired by the more traditional classes known to have in this series. Each has its own characteristics and peculiarities, and there are also fully customizable loadouts. The best place? There is no loadout cutoff while the trait is locked. Play unlimited number of people in your favorite gear.

Battlefield 2042 will offer 10 specialists at launch. But what I’m most excited about is the special attention paid to the details that the studio paid for the support class. Players can now shoot, heal, and even revive allies. This allows for a more strategic recovery in the event of an attack. Delight the sentry when you go to Mariafalk and use this healing gun as a combat surgeon, or go to Pyotrguskowski and use the engineer’s background to dominate the battlefield. Or they both go together and go to Casper with a convenient dandy drone. Whichever you choose, each choice has its advantages. Each class and each specialist has something unique. Unique characteristics, unique skills, and unique appearance to further immerse the world of 2042.

Combining the evolution of playable characters with a new customization wheel that allows players to completely change their loadouts, Battlefield offers a customized multiplayer experience like never before. Prefer snipers, but did you find yourself fixed nearby? Switch its customization wheel, select another weapon, another attachment, resume firing and get that W. This is called the Plus System and is as magnificent as it looks.

Great new vehicles are coming with great weapons and classes. Battlefield isn’t the one who doesn’t know that destroying a vehicle can cause serious mayhem. 2042 continues that tradition more than ever. This sandbox experience is fully modernized and applies to a variety of wheels that players can take advantage of. Use the call-in tablet to call the vehicle in collaboration with your team to maximize the usage of each type. Gunner vehicle, my drop-you name it. Why are you reaping someone when you can drop mines along the way instead?

This is an online game and a live service. However, unlike Call of Duty, DICE isn’t interested in locking the playable content behind the paywall, nor is it interested in limiting the map for the platform the player chooses. The Battle Pass is available in free and premium versions, but the premium version is purely for cosmetics. Operators, maps and modes are not locked behind the available version of this particular player option. If you’re like me and you like having a nifty specialist, premium might be the way to go. However, you don’t have to enjoy the game because it is intended to be enjoyed. This is a problem with other online titles such as Call of Duty and Destiny 2.

Battlefield 2042 is the natural next step in this franchise and feels like a beautiful comeback for the DICE shooter. Set in the future, but not in the distant future, the 2042 feels exciting and positive. It’s intuitive, large, and feels new. This new experience favors strategy and the loss of single player is disappointing, but the decision required the team to be creative about how to complement the story. With a folklore drop and a specialist telling a real story, this hybrid experience offers a new experience rather than a half experience. And after Battlefield 5, let’s do the real thing. This series needed a renewal.

I still don’t know where to go from here to next, but everything I’ve seen so far isn’t just a little excited about parachuting with a parachute and causing serious confusion.

Battlefield 2042 will arrive on October 22nd on all platforms.