Battlefield 2042 Public Beta | Today’s New Gameplay

Battlefield 2042 may not be released until the newly postponed November 19th, but this does not mean that fans have to wait more than a month to play the sequel to this iconic series. The developer DICE opened its doors ahead of time, allowing players to test one of the biggest shooting games of the year during the public beta this week. After playing the game at the recent press conference, we can confirm that Battlefield 2042 is wild. We surfed in a huge tornado, wiped a squad on the roof with a grappling hook, and finally left the preview of my eagerness to play the open beta.

Before bringing fun to the rest of the public, the only Alex Van Aken has the opportunity to preview the beta version in advance and bring you some fresh impressions in today’s new gameplay. The outstanding video editor took the opportunity to showcase his impressive sniper skills, while also reviewing how each class works and his highlights in the multiplayer experience. But then Van Aken did what we usually couldn’t do in NGT. He stepped aside and let the gameplay speak for itself. Van Aken used his exhilarating grappling hook to perform well in the race, destroy the vehicle, and even discovered how fun it is to get into the center of the tornado.

If you like this video and are excited about the upcoming “Battlefield 2042” for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, please be sure to check out the details of the public beta and our battlefield transmission The view of the door works.

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