Battlefield 2042 seems to be postponed-report

Looks likely Battlefield 2042 Will not reach its October 22 release date. EA has not officially announced any plan changes, but some insiders claimed to announce the delay before the end of the week.

GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb is the first to hint that another game will be postponed this week On twitterAlthough Grubb did not specifically name Battlefield 2042 at first, he later confirmed that DICE’s shooter was indeed the game he was referring to on his Discord—as captured. @Okami13.

Insider Tom Henderson also chipped in They have heard similar newsHowever, the parties did not seem to agree on the length of the delay. Some people believe that the game has been postponed until 2022, and Henderson expects the postponement to be postponed only a few weeks, seeming to postpone the game until sometime in November.

In recent weeks, DICE and EA have been uncharacteristically silent about “Battlefield 2042”. Outside of the initial presentation of the game and subsequent Battlefield Portal announcements, developers have been cautious when showing/discussing gameplay. For example, we haven’t seen the full multiplayer game yet, or know the remaining experts-only a few weeks away from release. This is unusual for battlefield releases.

The beta version of the game is scheduled to run this month, but it has not yet officially set a date or elaborated in any meaningful way. The lack of news has caused many people to worry about the state of development, which is part of the reason why this delay—if it turns out to be true—will not surprise most people.

In 2018, “Battlefield V” was postponed to late November, one month later than the originally announced release date in late October.

Nonetheless, considering that we patted in mid-September, the official news-good or bad-shouldn’t be too far away.