“Battlefield 2042” video shows three launch maps

DICE has released a new video showing the three launch maps attached Battlefield 2042.

The map you see today is Renewal, with the Egyptian desert in the background; Breakaway, located in Antarctica; and Discarded, located on the west coast of India.

These maps were created to enable vertical, close and long-range combat, vehicle attacks, and dynamic destruction in Total War, Battlefield Portal, and Danger Zone modes.

The mode Total War includes conquests and breakthroughs, supports 128 players, and exists on seven maps at the time of release. Battlefield Portal is similar to Halo Forge in that it contains a creation tool called Battlefield Builder, and Hazard Zone is a squad-based model that supports 24 players or 32 players depending on the platform.

The three maps announced today will be available in these modes, as detailed below.

  • Renew It is an eclectic landscape in the Egyptian desert, with a solar array power station on one side and lush research facilities on the other. It has a wall between the two regions with different entry points, including choke points through the often disputed entry checkpoints in the conquest in the middle of the map. Players should also prepare for close combat in these areas and the two buildings located in Renewal.
  • get rid ofWith Antarctica as the background, it includes a sea platform near the frozen coast and an observation station above the battlefield, making it the focus of air combat. In the intermittent path of the glacier, players fight inside and outside the ice cliffs connected to ziplines and cable bridges, where the rapid use of parachutes can be a life-or-death difference.
  • throw away There is a flooded village along the west coast of India, the hull of the ship was dismantled, and there is a huge ship to explore. This map contains a lot of cover and close combat; the Colossus Ship allows players to fight in the spaceship, while the airship attacks from above, and the tank slams its hull. In unpredictable weather, players will have to stay vigilant, because the threat of tornadoes may hit the map at any time.

“Battlefield 2042” will be released on November 19. It has an ever-evolving multiplayer narrative. Its experts are siege-like characters with unique abilities, have instant weapon modification capabilities, and have established a roadmap for the first year.