Battlefield 2042 was postponed to later this year

2021 is a turbulent year full of development difficulties and delays, and it is not surprising when we heard that another game was delayed from its scheduled release date. Many studios have recently decided to transfer their efforts to release in 2022, such as “Dying Light 2” and “Lost Ark”. We just received the news of another major delay from the Battlefield 2042 team, but fortunately, it only postponed the release date from October to November 19th.

EA, Dice and other battlefield teams used the challenges of developing games during the pandemic as a reason to announce through Twitter that Battlefield 2042 will take longer, but will be launched this year. This is the complete statement:

We have decided to change the release time of “Battlefield 2042”.The game will now be released globally on November 19day, 2021.

Building the next generation of Battlefield during the global pandemic presents unforeseen challenges for our development team. Considering the scale and scope of the game, we hope that our team will be able to return to our studio together when we start the release. Since current conditions do not allow this to happen safely, plus all the hard work done by the team at home, we think it’s important to spend extra time to realize the vision of Battlefield 2042 for our players.

Your enthusiasm for the game is very inspiring. We believe in the game we are making, and we thank you for your patience because we have done some finishing touches to the experience.

The Open Beta update will be released later this month.

For a complex multiplayer game like “Battlefield 2042”, it is never a bad thing for developers to ensure that it is launched with the appropriate polish. Fortunately, the global release plan has not changed, and the team is still looking for a public beta! We can’t wait to start adapting the wings to the tornado and do crazy tricks inside and outside the moving jet.