“Battlefield 2042” will permanently ban cheaters without warning or suspension

DICE seems to be affecting health Battlefield 2042 The community takes it very seriously. Today, the developer outlined some initiatives aimed at keeping the gaming community welcome, as well as several key ways to fight cheaters and abusers.

First of all, “Battlefield 2042” will rely on the popular Easy-Anti Cheat (EAC) service to detect and ban cheaters. Apex Legends and many other online games are using EAC. Easy-Anti Cheat will also be activated in the upcoming beta version.

DICE confirms that it adopts a zero tolerance policy for cheating, which means that cheaters will be immediately and permanently banned without warning or suspension. Since “Battlefield 2042” supports cross-platform games, being banned on one platform means that you will not be able to play games on any of these platforms.

The ban may come suddenly and cause the cheaters to disconnect from the game. Banned players can later use EA to help support appeals against their sanctions. Developers also have the necessary IP and hardware banning tools, which should prevent repeat offenders.

The better news is that Battlefield 2042 will tell you when the law enforcement team received your report and when they took action against the cheaters. DICE stated that anti-cheating is something it will continue to work on after the release, adding that there is a team dedicated to investigating reports and issuing bans.

Speaking of this, Battlefield 2042 will launch a fairly complete reporting system that allows all players to report various destructive and bad behaviors directly from the game. You can report cheating/exploitation, offensive voice/text chat, inappropriate names, harassment and even “game destruction” players.

Battlefield 2042 also allows you to turn off voice and text chat, whether it is an individual or an entire team. You can even block players, which will prevent them from sending messages or voice chats with you.

For creators on Battlefield Portal, management tools will allow them to prohibit any player from participating in all current and future experiences they create.

“Battlefield 2042” will land on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on November 19.