Battlefield 2042’s 4.0 update brings VOIP and countless fixes, but don’t expect new content or an overhaul

As promised, Major Battlefield 2042 The patch that DICE has been discussing for weeks is here. The 0.4.0 update was released on all platforms this morning, with a long list of changes, fixes, and a new feature or two.

The biggest addition to this patch is VOIP for parties and squads, and it’s coming months after release. The recently added traditional scoreboard now also appears at the end of the round. At this point, the list of essential features in this update that didn’t come with Battlefield 2042 is basically complete.

The rest of the patch notes feature some changes in response to player feedback, as well as bug fixes for long-standing issues and new ones. More broadly, today’s update brings the first set of changes for experts. While far from an overhaul, the list includes changes to Rao and Paik traits, as well as improving the consistency of Sundance anti-armor grenades.

Likewise, the vehicle has been rebalanced. In particular, the M5C Bolte’s missile launcher has been weakened, and its passengers are now more likely to be hit through its windows. The patch also brings some bug fixes to the infamous ADS bug when exiting vehicles. Another long-running, painful bug – which prevented players from respawning when walking through objects – has been fixed.

Bugs aside, you can expect a big boost in XP from ribbons and various events like resurrection and healing. In terms of gameplay changes, patch 4.0 has largely reworked weapon attachments, not only providing clearer (and more accurate) descriptions of the various effects, but also tweaking their behavior to better allow each Accessories stand out.

There are too many changes to list here, but you can check Huge list on the official website.

The next update will go live in May before the release of the first season this summer – DICE hasn’t really given an exact date yet. Next month’s update will bring more quality of life changes, as well as more bug fixes.