Battlefield 2042’s C5 explosives may cause less damage to vehicles

Battlefield 2042, Like every previous battlefield, including throwable sticky explosives. In this case, they are called C5, which is undoubtedly a future version of the popular C4. But unlike the old games, DICE’s latest game seems to treat them differently.

Although you can throw away the C5, you can also glue it to the vehicle — even a Casper drone for special delivery — depending on where the C5 is placed, the damage value will look different. Reddit users Div2691 This was discovered when trying to destroy the tank with C5 explosives.

According to their findings, as you can see in the video below, the C5 caused more damage to the tank when it exploded behind the tank (placed on the ground). For some reason, placing the C5 directly on the tank will cause it to cause less damage.

Of course, this may eventually become a mistake, and Battlefield 2042 certainly has its due share. In fact, this is not the first example of an anti-vehicle balance being broken in the game.

Just this week, it was discovered that the NWT-50 sniper rifle actually strikes vehicles more effectively than the recoilless M5 rocket launcher.

If you missed it, a new technical report examined the usage of various CPUs in Battlefield 2042 and concluded that the game’s CPU performance may not get better.