Battlefield 2042’s hovercraft and Nightbird helicopters are being weakened

After a disappointing global launch Battlefield 2042, DICE revealed that it is fixing some annoying bugs and serious balance problems.

Now that the game is on the market, many of the questions raised by early adopters in the previous week have now been experienced by a larger player base. This makes some of the more serious errors stand out. This is part of the reason why Battlefield 2042 is currently one of the worst-rated games on Steam.

Although DICE has released the first day patch, it mainly includes repairs to dangerous areas and does not really touch on the major bugs in the core game mode of the game. With this in mind, the developers have now revealed some fixes that players can expect in the near future.

in a Series of tweets, DICE confirmed that the problem that caused the resurrection to sometimes not work is being fixed, for example, when the dead player is close to a wall or an object. Regarding the issue of resurrection, players cannot be reborn, and the bug that requires them to withdraw from the game is also being fixed. In fact, the server-side update should have reduced the chance of it happening, but a more permanent fix will arrive in the client-side patch.

A highlight of the tweet is that DICE is studying vehicle balance. The threat of the LCAA hovercraft will end as the developer plans to reduce its health, armor and weaken its weapons. The weapons of the MD540 Nightbird helicopter have also been weakened.

Another problem encountered by players is that their loading does not appear at all. DICE said that this is a server-related problem, and its fix has been developed and is currently being tested.

The UAV-1 in the Bad Company 2 map on the portal has caused some problems of its own. DICE eventually disables it completely when rebalancing it. UAV-1 will return in the next update of the game.

DICE previously stated that it plans to launch two patches before the end of the year, the latter will bring more substantial fixes.

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