Battlefield 2042’s large-scale update in early December will bring back some missing features and fix UI confusion

DICE explains in detail Battlefield 2042After the third release of the update, it will go live in early December. This will be the biggest patch of the game to date, including a large number of fixes and the return of many missing features.

in a Roadmap style blog post, DICE not only provides a better view of tomorrow’s game patches—including repairs to excessive weapon blooms, weakening of hovercraft, repairs to resurrection errors, etc.—the developer also revealed the upcoming more substantial and more An influential update in early December.

The blog post covers extensive fixes, gameplay changes, user interface additions, etc. There are countless, but we want to highlight a few welcome additions.

One of the biggest reasons for the lack of teamwork in Battlefield 2042 is gaming User interface and HUDThe December patch will allow the knocked down screen to show you players who can resurrect you within 50 meters, just like you’ve seen in other battlefield games. If you ping the downed player as someone with resurrection ability, they will receive a notification that the “medical soldier” is on the way.

An annoying bug that made you wonder if you are surrounded by enemies or friends who are on the ground has been fixed, which means that friendly players will be highlighted appropriately. Having said that, when someone resurrects you, you will now see the progress of the resurrection as a fallen player.

If you don’t have enough ammunition or health, the user interface will now highlight nearby teammates who can replenish them, so you can ask them to heal/replenish you. In fact, the game will tell you who heals/supplies you to further improve teamwork. In general, the health bars of enemy infantry and vehicles will now be more prominent, allowing you to better understand their status.

Fortunately, the player world icons will now scale based on their distance from you, which should help organize your screen. The friendly player icon should now also be hidden behind the wall, which will further help the icon clutter.

The list of improving the quality of life extends to increasing the resolution of the big map, which will make it easier for everyone to find their place. For weapons that allow the choice of firing mode, the firing mode indicator is now visible by default. Regardless of whether the weapon provides it or not, you can switch it to always on.

Vocal Is another area in this patch. Although DICE does not directly solve the problem of the overall low sound field of the game, the developers are making adjustments to at least solve the impact of game audio on gameplay.

Various sounds, such as resurrection, shield deployment, flares, wing suits, and vehicle countermeasures, are now easier to hear when they occur off-screen. It should also be clearer when you are hit, because now the audio in the mix will be higher. Overall, the audio of long-range weapon shooting should be more readable.

Add if you like Artificial intelligence robot, You will be happy to know that their brain power has also been improved. They will now rejuvenate you more steadily, fly the helicopter better, and generally know more about the game mode they are playing.

DICE is still making changes to Battlefield 2042 GunfightFollowing tomorrow’s patch, the December update will resolve some other issues. First, switching back to your weapon after throwing a grenade should now be faster.

The NTW-50 sniper rifle was found to be more effective against vehicles than the M5 rocket launcher and has been weakened. The M44 revolver should no longer contain additional bullets. The ADS speed of the 8x lens is faster than that of the low-magnification lens, and now it takes longer to zoom in.

vehicle We will also see some adjustments and fixes, including fixes to annoying bugs that sometimes render countermeasures completely useless, allowing the missile to relock.

Due to fixes that allow players to shoot from the front window more consistently, the hovercraft will be further weakened. There are also various other vehicle repairs, such as improving the exit position of infantrymen, eliminating screen shake when launching rockets from helicopters (for pilots), fixing cameras that sometimes malfunction on the ground, and flying to TOW missiles behavior.

For players who like the progress of rewards, the December update will add weekly tasks, and the reward appearance will be unlocked after completion. This is good news, because the favorites screen should now be more responsive and intuitive, requiring fewer clicks to navigate.

In addition to this, there is an important expert-specific list of changes, which you can read in the link.