Battlefield 6 Release Date Announced: June 9th

Electronic Arts and developer DICE announced on Tuesday that the next game of the Battlefield franchise will be announced on June 9th.This year’s battlefield Next Wednesday — Announced at the end of the countdown starting at 10am (EDT) / 7am (Pacific Daylight Savings Time). It is unknown when the game will be revealed.

EA has made little to say about the direction of entry into Battlefield this year. Battlefield 6, But it may just bear the name battlefield. Oscar Gabrielson, general manager of DICE, called the sequel a “bold step” in the franchise.

In April, DICE made fun of the imminent release of the game. Gabrielsson said the franchise’s “largest team to date” -the DICE studios in Gothenburg and Los Angeles have joined Criterion Games this time-provides “an amazing experience to enjoy in late 2021.”

“We’re in daily playtest mode right now. We’re polishing, balancing, and creating the best possible Battlefield game,” says Gabrielson. “This is a bold step. It includes everything you like in Battlefield. — Take everything to the next level. Magnificent scale. Total war. Crazy and unexpected moments. Destruction that changes the game. A large-scale battle with more players than ever before. Everything is powered by next-generation consoles and PCs. “

Since then, the new Battlefield has been the subject of a variety of leaks, including screenshots of internal presentation trailers created for the game and low-quality videos.Those leaks show the next modern setting battlefield, Things players haven’t seen since 2013 Battlefield 4..