Battlefield 6’s distorted visuals hijack EA’s social channels as public events approach

Sheriff Saedo
June 8, 2021 13:35 GMT

The next battlefield has been revealed.

Pre-publication hype campaign Battlefield 6 I entered high gear.Following a series of mysterious messages, Battlefield’s social channels, and EA Many personal pages for developers have been replaced by new themes.

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What started out as a distorted image of Battlefield titles has now evolved completely Degraded image with only color splatteringThere’s a self-destructive secret message theme here, but it’s hard to say without context.

Battlefield fans have also noticed a similar effect infecting the Battlefield page. Xbox And Playstation dashboard, And even some people try to put different letters together, hoping to figure out some meaning.

Of course, all of this will lead to tomorrow’s Battlefield release and I’d love to know more about the game. Not only are we looking forward to seeing it, but also because things continue to leak.

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