Bayonetta 3 reappears with a dazzling first game trailer and a 2022 release window

Today’s Nintendo Direct ends with the long-awaited return of Bayonetta 3. The game was first announced in 2017 and remained largely silent on the broadcast, and many fans were afraid of its status. Today, we saw the gameplay for the first time and confirmed that it will be exclusively launched on Switch in 2022.

As she is used to, Bayonetta returns with another new hairstyle, although technically familiar. Fans will recognize that her double ponytail is the same as the young girl in the first game and Cereza, the young avatar of Beyonita. The trailer starts with a clever pretense. The canine mascot Lappy in Platinum’s other action game Astral Chain seems to have prevented a huge monster from destroying the city. Although some people might think this marked a sequel to the game, Bayonetta swooped in and made a real save.

The battle looked as gorgeous and enthusiastic as fans expected, although Bayonita now has the ability to summon Godzilla-style monsters from her hair. This led to a huge duel between her monster and the invading creature, probably some kind of angel. The trailer ends with a tease of the mysterious male swordsman. If you don’t have enough fun to pick the details in the trailer above, please feel free to browse the gallery of screenshots below.

So you have it. Bayonetta 3 is indeed a real video game. If you think it made a good first impression in the comments, please let us know!