Beat Saber’s multiplayer mode is now available on PSVR

After a delay of nearly a year, Beat Saber’s multiplayer game mode is now live on PSVR.

Live today, this mode brings a five-player multiplayer game to the acclaimed rhythm game, where players can cut colorful squares according to the beat of a given song. Players can participate in public competitions with players from all over the world, or face off against friends in private competitions.

You can choose any song from the original soundtrack of the PSVR version of Beat Saber, as well as DLC music packs from artists such as Linkin Park. With this update, you can also create and customize your own multiplayer avatar. This avatar is what your opponent sees in the new Beat Saber lobby and multiplayer arena.

With this update launched today, multiplayer badges have been added to the game, these allow opponents to see who is best at what. For example, one player might get the “most accurate slicer” badge after the game, while another player might get the badge for being the slowest slicer. In a game, up to 5 players can also use the new customizable color options. If you don’t want to cut the game’s standard red and blue blocks, you can switch them to yellow and purple, cyan and pink, or other completely different colors.

With this multiplayer update coming out as Halloween approaches, a new song-“Spooky Beat” by Jaroslav Beck-has been added to the game for free.

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