Become a bad guy in a dark dungeon-similar to Eratos: King of the Dead is free on GOG

The holidays are over, and the new year is approaching, which means that the massive sales and giveaways we have enjoyed in the past few weeks are quickly ending. However, there is still time to get another free gift, which is a good gift-Eratos: King of the Dead, now you can get a free gift from GOG.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead, released in 2020, is a dark dungeon clone. You play the villain, a necromancer (obviously “very emotional”), who kills brave adventurers and recovers from their hacking Create new monsters and achieve great success in body parts. We said in the 2019 preview that it had “not many new ideas”, but even so, it looked promising, and we found it put together very well when it left Early Access a year later.