Before blockchain and NFT, there was a real cash MMO Entropia Universe

In 2004, one year after the launch of MindArk’s real-money economy game Entropia Universe, the user Deathifier Bought a treasure island 265,000 PED (Project Entropia Dollars-equal to 26,500 US dollars) on the planet Calypso.Treasure Island made history and became the most expensive virtual item owned at the time, and the god of death Claim to break even within a year. He began to fill the island with special mobs, taxing tourists, selling houses, and Post update Steal Green Atrox eggs and provide a 50PED (5 USD) reward for this.

Deathifier’s entrepreneurial story is a pioneer in the current blockchain game discussion

Over time, the Swedish MMORPG has launched more planets, some of which are created by Creative Kingdom (Planet Cyrene) and Belladcon (Turan Planet). It introduces all the functions you would like to see in a real cash playground: real estate, pets, resorts, shopping malls, vehicles, and an ATM-style system for cashing out game proceeds.