Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks for Guardians of the Galaxy

In polygon MiracleGuardians of the Galaxy A beginner’s guide, we will show you how to make the most of your time as a star and a gang. This game is very focused on exploration and communication, so we will give you tips and tricks for you to see and hear all this. This guide also covers basic combat strategies, so you can learn team combat.


Explore everywhere

Find a way to solve the task Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy simple. Each main goal has a convenient waypoint to ensure that you can always find a way forward. But it has another purpose. If you turn in any other direction, you will most likely find some loot, collectibles, or one of the game’s many unlockable skins.

When one of your companions blames you for taking a detour, you will know that you are on the right path to find hidden objects. If teammates mention to follow a critical path a specific path, please pay attention to the other areas. You will almost always be rewarded for taking risks, even if someone like Rocket yells at you because you temporarily abandon them.

During the exploration, you may even find unique items that Xingjue will bring back to the ship. If you find such an item, he will mention how he hopes to follow up with one of his teammates on the item. These will appear on the ship, usually in the personal rooms of the relevant party members. When you have the opportunity to trigger special dialogues and background stories, interact with these objects.

Use the scanner to find hidden objects and paths

Star-Lord has a scanner that allows him to ping various objects. The scanner allows him to see his teammates, legendary objects, collectibles, enemies and other things he can interact with. In the opening missions of the game, you often need to use the scanner to find things that can be destroyed to advance the story, but it also helps to reveal the destructible objects to create hidden paths.

Components Localizer privilege makes it easier to find loot
Photo: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon

Every time you enter a new area, turn on the scanner and look for loot. Once you get Star-Lord’s Component locator perk, an icon will be placed on the screen when the component approaches. With the scanner enabled, you can more easily identify loot locations.

Hidden upgrade components and objects that reveal more story elements are scattered in every area you visit. There is something hidden in almost every area outside the main path, so don’t worry about wandering around. You will most likely be rewarded for doing so.

Your choice of dialogue is important

There are dozens of moments Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy When Xingjue had a chance to interrupt and say something. These interjections not only promote the witty jokes of the game, but many of the things you choose to say will have a lasting impact.

Dialogue in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Depends on what you say
Photo: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon

Standing on the side of certain roles and making big decisions for the team can change how the role thinks about you. Certain decisions may even affect the way the entire task is executed.There are a lot of things to say Guardians of the GalaxyAs the leader of the team, what you say usually affects the development of your story.

Talk to everyone

Communication is as important as all battles in war Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Sometimes during a mission, your character will stop before prompting you to move on. Take a moment to talk to everyone with bubbles above their heads. If you do, you will get dialogue, which will not only reveal more information about your crew, but you may even influence the story.

The same goes for the episodes on your ship between missions. Before you make some bold mistakes across the galaxy, explore your spaceship and talk to all your teammates. Before moving on to your main goal, talk to everyone. Certain conversations can only be conducted on board. Don’t miss these opportunities to get more stories from being out of group.

Combination ability

In the battle, you can completely control the Star Lord. Although his blaster and melee attacks can deal with most enemies, he needs to summon his allies for special attacks. Each of your teammates has unique abilities and combat functions in battle. Individually, these skills are powerful. At the same time, you can easily eliminate waves of enemies and tough bosses.

The team is crowded in the Guardians of the Galaxy

Photo: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon

Rocket Good at large-scale effect damage. His special weapons and gadgets can hit multiple enemies at once. The engineer’s abilities are best used when you want to dispatch a large group of weaker enemies.

Big Use his body to immobilize the enemy. Use him to stop multiple or single enemy attacks. When Groot prevents the enemy from advancing, you and your companions can attack them unhindered.

Drax Use his powerful body to stun large attackers. Some enemies must be staggered before you can weaken their health. Although you and your teammates have some attacks that cause stun damage, Drax specializes in disabling huge enemies so that they can be easily attacked by other members of the team.

KamoraThe fast and powerful fighting style allows her to cause a lot of damage to the target. Guide her to destroy the enemy with assassin-like precision. If you need to quickly destroy the enemy, please let Kamora handle it.

Each of your guardian companions will fight alongside you. However, when you use their abilities, you will destroy the enemy faster. When you combine their abilities, the team really shines.

For example, you can quickly eliminate a wave of enemies by having Groot immobilize them. Then you can have the Rocket Raccoon follow up with one of his powerful weapons to eliminate the entangled enemies. When you encounter large enemies that Star Lord cannot deal with, you can make Drax stagger them. Once they are no longer a threat, call Gamora to get the job done quickly.