Being burned at the stake is just the beginning in this spooky FPS game

I’m a sucker for nifty main menu gimmicks, especially one where you transition right into a cutscene that doesn’t load (looking at you, Spec Ops: the Line). Demo of the upcoming retro FPS, Cowan (opens in new tab), kill it by overlaying the main menu over a scene with a group of medieval peasants staring at you. When starting a new game, a priest steps up to light your pyre and sentence you to a horrific death. The first level then begins with you digging out your own grave for revenge.

Coven (first discovered Alpha Beta players (opens in new tab)) does make me feel a little bit unnerved at times for its extremely grim content, but the lo-fi retro graphics (strongly reminiscent of New Blood’s twilight) help maintain some welcome psychological distance there, with its fast-paced The FPS combat is so fun to be scared for a long time.