Berserk cartoonist Kentaro Miura dies at the age of 54

Kentaro Miura, a well-known cartoonist, BerserkDied at the age of 54.

Miura died of acute aortic dissection on May 6. Berserk Publisher Hakusensha announced Thursday in a Japanese statement posted on Twitter’s account. Berserk And Young animals, A magazine in which the manga series is published.The news of Miura’s death was later Dark Horse Comics announces, An American publisher who brought Miura’s work to the West in English.

With a career dating back to 1976, Miura is best known as the creator of the ongoing dark fantasy series. Berserk.. Debuted in 1989 with the monthly magazine “Animal House” (now Young Animal), Miura has been working intermittently ever since.

Berserk Follow the story of Guts, a mercenary murderer wandering the medieval Midland kingdom, seeking revenge on Griffith, a former friend who turned into an enemy, the leader of a mercenary group known as Hawk’s band. .. Manga has gained an enthusiastic mass in its 30 years of execution and has inspired the entire generation of manga artists, game designers and artists.

Miura is a nifty draftsman and is known as a meticulous narrator. Berserk To spend more time realizing a single panel spread. It’s not outrageous to compare him to George RR Martin. George RR Martin is celebrating the acclaimed fantasy novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire” with a similar theme of corrupt temptation of power and malicious threats far beyond human understanding.

Signature BerserkThe influence of is inseparable from the magnificent fantasy structure of modern times. Capcom’s Monster Hunter series and FromSoftware’s Dark Souls, Bloodborne A game that matches the design of Cloud Strife’s iconic buster sword FINAL FANTASY 7 And top-down cyberpunk fighters Ruiner..Like Jean “Mobius” Giraud Astro boy Osamu Tezuka, manga artist Darwyn Cooke, Miura and his artistry set the standard for artists and writers of all generations to live far beyond his death.

Miura was still working until he died Berserk but also, Previously announced series, Duranki.. Nothing has been said about the future of those manga series, or the potential publication of existing or unfinished chapters.