Best Adventure Game of 2021: Life is Strange: True Colors

I don’t cry easily. This is not bragging. I only know that my personality makes me often feel out of touch with emotions. In other words, a strong storytelling is needed to crack my emotional skin. Life is Strange: True Colors is the way of telling stories. Deck Nine’s emotional adventure game not only penetrated my hard shell. It cut through me like a hot iron.

True Colors is not a thrilling trip full of action, but its narrative is very fascinating, but it is still difficult to put down. From the jump, the player met Alex Chen, a young woman who re-entered society after spending some time in a foster care center. At the beginning of the game, Alex came to Haven Springs, a small town in Colorado, to live with her brother. However, after Alex and her friends were involved in a mining explosion, Alex was involved in a larger corporate cover-up operation that almost tore up everyone’s life in the town.

The story of True Color is well known, and I like to meet many residents of Haven Springs. Like the previous “Life is Strange” game, “True Color” is divided into five chapters, and each chapter ends with a surprising suspense. I can’t wait to see the next step of the story. I always think that narrative has reached its peak, but True Colors is a rare game that only gets better as you play more. This is all thanks to the incredible dubbing; especially Erika Mori, she brought a lot of things to this character and helped Alex become a credible protagonist, you will care about him very much at the end of the game .

If you are already familiar with the “Life is Strange” series, then you will know that this series has a hint of urban fantasy, and each new protagonist has its own superpowers. Therefore, Alex can see and experience the emotions of others. Admittedly, this does not sound as powerful as the ability to control time (as seen in the original Life is Strange) or even telepathy (Life is Strange 2), but the developer Deck Nine is still a talent who thinks about the consequences brilliantly. At some point, Alex can manipulate the emotions of other characters, but doing so will have major consequences and should not be taken lightly. At other times, Alex can use her power to help others. I especially like watching her enter the mind of an elderly resident whose memory has begun to decline. In another unforgettable scene, Alex participated in LARP and helped to inspire the spirit of an emotionally primitive young boy.

However, True Colors is more than just a game for Life is Strange fans. I am the best example. I admire the first “Life is Strange”, but I haven’t touched the rest of the series yet. However, after finishing True Colors, I would love to dive into my old catalog and explore the rest of the franchise. Do yourself a favor and do the same thing. | Our review